Complete Property Management Services

We use professional property management accounting software to create detailed owner packets that are generated monthly and delivered by email. Owner packets include an owner statement, balance sheet, income statement, copies of work orders, and invoices. Monthly net income is paid to our owners by direct deposit, making it as convenient as possible for our clients. At the end of the year, GPM provides clients with a 1099 & a comprehensive account summary designed to simplify tax preparation.

At your request, we are happy to manage HOA payments and any other property service payments. Such payments can be deducted from your account balance electronically.

GPM conducts inspections to all properties during the duration of each tenancy. An inspection walk through report will be filled out. During this time, we will note any preventative maintenance items that may be of interest to the property’s owner. GPM will perform additional walk through inspection of the properties per the owner’s request.

Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting our owner’s investment. Golden Property Management coordinates and handles any maintenance and repair issues. GPM has a list of preferred outside vendors or contractors, selected for their ability to provide quality service at the best price. Owners reserve the right to schedule and control repair and maintenance responsibilities, if they so desire.

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