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Single Family Residences, Condos, and Townhouses:

  • 8% Monthly Management Fee
  • $350 Leasing Fee/$150 Renewal Fee

Multifamily Unit Management Fee:

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Golden Property Management analyzes the local rental market to determine the monthly income for your property. We conduct annual market surveys as well as regularly monitor pricing trends for similar rental properties.

Vacancies are expensive, and we work hard to fill them. Our marketing strategy is targeted, research-based, and includes a mix of signage, online and print advertisements and regular showings.

To ensure smooth transitions between tenants, we do walk through inspections before and after a property is occupied. We document the condition of the property at move-in and move-out, and take care of necessary repairs.

All prospective residents are carefully screened, and we require a rental application, credit report, employment and income verification, history of criminal convictions, and tenant references from previous landlords.

Security deposits are collected at lease signing and we hold them in a trust checking account until move out or forfeiture due to damages. Applicants with approved pets are required to pay an additional pet deposit.

We document the condition of your rental unit with move-in, move-out checklists and photographs before and after it’s occupied.

Good communication with residents is key to nurturing tenant loyalty. Our professional staff establishes relationships with tenants based on mutual respect, which means they are much more likely to take care of your property and report issues as they arise.

We handle all routine maintenance requests through our online request form, while emergencies are reported by calling our 24/7 emergency phone number.

We collect rent on the 1st of the month, and consider it late if it is not received in full by the 5th. Rent paid after the 5th of the month is subject to a late fine. Tenants who fail to pay rent are given a 3-day notice to vacate the property.

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