Golden Property Management welcomes you to your new home. The GPM team is looking forward to working with you as your property management team.

This booklet will provide any and all information during you rental duration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Tenant Department.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday-Sunday Closed
Office Location
4248 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (858) 880-8811
Customer Care Dept
Phone: (858) 880-8811
Maintenance Dept
Phone: (858) 880-8811

You will receive a Tenant Portal Activation email within a few days after move in. What is a Tenant Portal? It is the entry point to your online portal so you can pay rent online and submit maintenance requests. After you activate your tenant portal, you can then access it through the GPM website

All Rents are due on 1st late by the 5th of each month. Make all checks payable to Golden Property Management. Rent is considered late if it’s NOT received in our office and/or postmarked by the 5th of the month. Any rents that are received on the 6th of the month are considered late and a $50.00 late fee will apply.

Personal checks that are returned by the bank will cost you $35.00 NSF fee and a $50 late fee; in addition, you will be required to make all further payments by money order or cashiers check. All amounts must be paid in full at the time of notification.

No cash will be accepted at any time.

Payment Options:
Payment Methods: Online, or drop off at office

  • Online via checking or savings account
  • Online via credit card (fees will apply)
  • Online via E-check (fees will apply)
  • Personal check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s check
 Drop Off ONLY:
4248 Vista Street
San Diego, CA 92116
(Located in Kensington off Adams Ave.)

You are expected to maintain the property and keep it in the same condition when you took possession. The ONLY repairs that are required from the owner are due to normal wear, which will be made by GPM. However, you will be charged for any repairs/damage caused by misuse or neglect.

You are responsible for stopping further damage from occurring, if possible. If there is a leak, please stop the water source immediately. If an electrical issue arises, WAIT for the repairman to arrive.

GPM will make any necessary repairs within a reasonable time. You will not be reimbursed for any unauthorized repairs you make. If you take it upon yourself to contact a vendor, you will be responsible for any and all repairs as well service calls. GPM will NOT reimburse you. All repairs have to be authorized through the GPM Maintenance Department.

Tenants are responsible for the following items:

  • All light bulbs
  • A/C filters (if applicable)
  • Smoke/CO alarms (replace batteries)

How to Submit a Maintenance request:

  • Online through you Tenant Portal
  • Online at the GPM website (click on the Tenant Tab)
  • Email the maintenance department
  • Call the Maintenance Department

Maintenance Emergencies:

If the emergency is Life Threatening or Fire please call 911. If there is a GAS LEAK call SDGE first before calling GPM.

  • For all other emergencies, such as water leaks and refrigerator failures, call GPM at (858) 880-8811 and Press 1
  • If the emergency occurs after-hours or on a weekend, call GPM at (858) 880-8811 and Press 1 (if the call is NOT answered, a return call will be generated promptly as possible)
  • If there is a water leak, attempt to turn off the water at the main water shut-off value. Most sinks and all toilets have shut-off valves (angle-stops).
  • If a toilet is clogged, do NOT flush. If you feel it may overflow, attempt to bail out the water to another drain, bucket or mop up spill.
  • If the refrigerator stops working or is failing to keep cold, do NOT open refrigerator door. Most refrigerators will maintain the food for up to 12 hours. Be prepared to transfer all frozen/perishable foods to a cooler, ice chest or neighbors fridge.

Maintenance Department Contact Information

Phone: (858) 880-8811 Ext. 203

All utilities not included, as part of the lease agreement, are the responsibility of the resident. Included are a few phone numbers (refer to service number sheet) to help getting your utilities connected:

  • SDGE (800) 411-7343
  • AT&T (800) 310-2355
  • Cox Cable (619) 262-1122
  • Time Warner Cable (858) 695-3220
  • SD Water Dep. (619) 515-3500.

We MANDATE that all residents obtain renters insurance to protect them in the event of loss, due to flooding, water damage, fire, theft and vandalism, etc… Most home owners insurance on the property does NOT cover you or your possessions. The hold harmless clause states that you do not and will not hold the owner or agent responsible for any damages or injury. We will request proof of insurance to be emailed to us at

The security deposit has been collected and deposited into a trust account or turned over to the owner. This deposit is held to cover cost to repairs or damages caused by resident. THE SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED FOR LAST MONTH’S RENT OR CLEANING COSTS. If no rent deficiency or damages exist, it is fully refundable within twenty-one (21) days after vacating the premises.

Pets that are permitted are the sole responsibility of the resident. The initialed agreement states that you are and will be responsible for your pet. Your pet deposit covers damages caused by your animal. At the termination of tenancy, you will be responsible for the deep cleaning and deodorizing of the carpets, for spraying for fleas and /or repairs of any damage caused by the pet. If you fail to do this, you will be charged and it will be deducted from your pet deposit.
If the expenses exceed the pet deposit it can be recovered from the security deposit.

If pets are found to be in or outside of your unit/residents without written permission, you are in breach of your lease agreement and can be evicted.

If you bring a pet to the property (even for a visit) please verify if you are allowed to have pets on the property. If you are thinking about getting a pet, please put your request in writing. If pets are allowed, you will have to sign an addendum, and pay additional pet deposit, $250 per pet.

There are times that residents who are bound by a long term lease agreement may need to be released early, and the following reasons are the parameters to do so:

  • There must be a viable reason for the release. Written documentation will be required
  • Written 30-day notice to vacate from the tenant will be required. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO RETRIEVE NOTICE BY CLICKING IN THE TENANT TAB.
  • There is an early termination, 1.5 months of rent plus $350. (Refer to your agreement)
  • As per Military Cause, proof of order will be required to wave the early termination fee
    The resident must assist in showing the property to prospective residents if the home is occupied

All locks are rekeyed with each new resident. Keys are issued at the time of possession. Alterations or replacement of locks, installation of bolts, knockers or other attachments to the interior or exterior of doors require approval from GPM.

GPM must have keys to each lock on the property. GPM may gain access and re-key if at any time access is denied, and charge the cost to the tenant. Copies of the new keys will be available at the office during posted office hours. All keys are to be return to GPM upon vacating the premises. If keys, fobs, garage door openers etc. are lost or stolen tenants will be charged for replacements.

All vehicles shall be parked in assigned areas that are stated on the lease agreement such as (garage, carports, parking spaces etc.) or on the public street.

You are not allowed to park on lawns, sidewalks and other areas not specifically designated for parking. All vehicles must be registered, licensed and operable at all times. No vehicle repair is allowed at any time. No oil/fluid stains are allowed on the garage floor, driveway, walkways or any other area on the property. If your vehicle leaks fluid, place a protective covering or pan under the vehicle to catch the leaks.

Water conservation is very important! You should contact us immediately if you notice any water waste on the property due to disrepair or abuse. Your water usage and conservation are considered an important part of being a responsible resident. You are also expected to cooperate with any reasonable conservation methods that are initiated by the Water Authorities.

All tenants, residents and guest are expected to conduct themselves in a way that will not offend or disturb the neighbors or passersby, any activity that causes extreme or excessive noise, traffic or disturbance of any kind is cause for eviction. This includes loud, lewd music or vulgar profane language, etc…

If music or other sounds can be heard outside the perimeter of the premises leased, it is considered too loud. We want all residents to know that it is appropriate to call the police in order to maintain peace and quiet in your community.

  • San Diego Police Department (619) 531-2000
  • El Cajon Police Department (619) 579-3311
  • Chula Vista Police Department (619) 691-5151

Any person or persons staying more than three (3) weeks in a three-month period will be considered tenants, unless prior written permission is obtained from GPM. If this arises, they will be required to go through the proper application and qualifying process to be added to the lease agreement.

Only persons listed on your lease agreement have permission to occupy the premises. You will be responsible for the behavior of your guest. All portions of the agreement also apply to your guest.

All residents are required to have telephone accessibility and to provide GPM with their home, cell and work phone numbers, as well email address. Please be sure to notify GPM when you change your phone numbers or email address

From time to time an inspection of the property may be necessary for insurance, mortgage, or maintenance reasons, or to conduct bi-annual inspections by GPM or owner to assess the condition of the property. You are required to allow access during reasonable business hours. If the date or time is in conflict to your schedule, contact our office to see if a change is possible or a 24 hour notice will be posted to gain access to the property.

60 to 30 days prior to lease terminating, GPM will contact you with the option to sign a 30-day notices to extend lease terms or 30-day notice vacate. If tenant decides to go month- to -month, then the monthly rent will increase addition $200.00.

A thirty-day (30) written notice must be given in writing to GPM before vacating the premises. The written notice is required even if you intend to vacate at the end of the lease.

The 30-day notice shall be effective from the date it is received by GPM. The notice must include date you anticipate having the property ready for your move-out walk through. Notice must be received by GPM one full calendar month before you move out.

You can print of a 30-day notice to vacate at our website at:

After you have submitted the thirty day notice to vacate, the property will be listed for rent. A GPM representative will be placing a lock box on the property in order to gain access for the scheduled showings.

A GPM representative will ALWAYS be present for all showings.

We will contact you a week in advance to tell you the weekly showing schedule. The property must be available, and in good condition during this time. You do NOT need to be present for the showing appointments. If needed a 24 hour notice will be posted.

Please inform us about your pets and where they will be kept during our showing.

It is your responsibility to schedule the move-out walk through; however, a GPM representative will
contact you to schedule a move out walk through appointment. Please schedule it as soon as possible.

A walk through is made only after you have completely vacated the premise, and you are ready to turn over keys. Tenants are responsible to schedule the house and carpets to be professionally cleaned after all of the possessions are removed from property.

  • If you need to schedule a Pre move out inspection, please contact the office.